Welcome to the Marketing Center Münster!

The Marketing Center Münster (MCM) at the University of Münster was founded by Prof. Heribert Meffert in 1969. Since then, the MCM has been well known for its cutting-edge research and high-quality education. 

Our research focuses on how companies can create value for their customers through market-oriented management. Cooperating closely with well-known companies, we deal with current topics relating to the practicalities of business life which enables us to convey new knowledge to the business world.

We offer our students high-quality education. Our advanced Bachelor and Master courses are offered in English. We teach up-to-date knowledge on various marketing topics, and our students apply their knowledge in various settings. We encourage our students to exercise their critical thinking and analytical skills. Our students participate in discourses about marketing-related topics, and have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with managers and researchers. Thus, in addition to a high-quality education that prepares our students for careers in marketing and general management, we attach great importance to our students' personal development.