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Professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and his team welcome you at the Department of Marketing & Media Research!

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The Department of Marketing & Media Research was founded in April 2010. Our research and teaching adresses relevant issues in the field of marketing with rigorous methods. Although we study a broad range of topics, our particular focus is on how to successfully manage products, brands, and customer relationships in the digital age, with a special interest in the media and entertainment industries. We are striving for excellence in marketing research and are inspired by the quest for new intellectual insights and powerful solutions.

International Conference "Big Data, Big Movies: How Algorithms Transform the Film & TV Industry"

When Big Data Meets Big Movies (and Big Series)! Together with Berlin-based producer Jannis Funk, Professor Hennig-Thurau will co-chair a conference for those who love the movies & TV and are intrigued by the powers of big data and analytics. Join them at a unique, small-scale conference in Potsdam and Berlin this September to retire the industry's "Nobody-knows-anything" mantra. Further information.

Kamingespräch der FAZ: Marketing in der Krise?

Prof. Hennig-Thurau im Kamingespräch der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Marketing in der Krise? // Prof. Hennig-Thurau discusses the state of marketing with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.



26.06.2016 | Studentische Hilfskräfte am Lehrstuhl für Marketing & Medien gesucht!

Der Lehrstuhl für Marketing & Medien der Westfälischen Wilhelms‐Universität Münster sucht ab dem 1. Oktober 2016 zunächst befristet bis zum 31.03.2017 drei studentische Hilfskräfte (6 Std./ Woche) zwecks Unterstützung der Forschungs- und Lehrtätigkeiten an unserem Institut.

21.06.2016 | Prof. Hennig-Thurau im Deutschlandfunk über Künstliche Intelligenz in der Filmindustrie

Computer-Algorithmen, die Drehbücher schreiben? Längst keine Zukunftsversion mehr. Mit „Sunspring“ ist der erste Kurzfilm erschienen, dessen Drehbuch von einem Computer geschrieben wurde. Prof. Hennig-Thurau erklärt in der Sendung „Corso“ im Deutschlandfunk die Bedeutung der künstlichen Intelligenz für die Filmindustrie – sei es als automatische Drehbuchschreiber oder zur Prognose für den Film- oder Serienerfolg.

16.06.2016 | Register now for the International Conference "Big Data, Big Movies: How Algorithms Transform the Film & TV Industry"

Come to Potsdam & Berlin this September and get inspired, discuss, explore, learn, find out, & celebrate when worlds collide: those of Big Data and Grand Entertainment, of Academia and Practice, of Market Leaders and Innovators.

02.06.2016 | MCM @ EMAC 2016 in Oslo

MCM scholars presented their latest research at the EMAC Conference in Oslo.

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27.05.2016 | “Creating Marketing Magic“ – MCM Scholars awarded for their work at the AMS Conference in Disney World

Mirja Bues (IFM) and Dr. Ann-Kristin Knapp (LMM) presented current research projects at the Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science. The topics of their talks covered participative pricing, the sales effect of brand names, and the development of a holistic survival strategy for brick-and-mortar retail firms in a digital age. Furthermore, Prof. Hennig-Thurau was announced as the winner of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science’s Best Article of the Year Award and the work of Dr. Knapp as a track chair for this year’s conference was recognized by the community.

03.03.2016 | Ph.D. Courses at the MCM taught by Prof. Houston and Prof. Kohli

We are proud to announce that professors Mark Houston and Ajay Kohli will both return to Muenster to teach two key courses on "Survey Research" (Prof. Houston) and "How to Publish in Leading Journals" (Prof. Kohli) as part of our faculty-wide Ph.D. program.

02.03.2016 | Article by Prof. Hennig-Thurau, Prof. Wiertz, and Fabian Feldhaus to win JAMS Best Article Award!

The article "Does Twitter matter? The impact of microblogging word of mouth on consumers’ adoption of new movies," co-authored by Prof. Hennig-Thurau, Prof. Caroline Wiertz from City University London, and former Münster doctoral student Fabian Feldhaus, has been honored with the Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award.

29.02.2016 | AMA Best Paper Awards for Maria Bartschat, Dr. Ann-Kristin Knapp, Nora Pähler vor der Holte, and Prof. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

The paper “Determinants of Consumer Choice between Word-of-Mouth Channels in the Digital Era”, co-authored by Maria Bartschat and Prof. Hennig-Thurau, has been honoured with the AMA Best Paper Award 2016 of the Consumer Behavior Track.


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