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This year’s course is canceled. Students that have been accepted for the SoSe21 course will be treated with priority for the application of the course in SoSe22.



Please note: As agreed with the dean, the course ”Survey Research” will be held as a hybrid course and will take place at the Marketing Center Münster building (seminar room 6, Am Stadtgraben 13-15). At this point, we are planning for a maximum of 25 participants to physically attend. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, to be able to attend the course physically participants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Full vaccine protection (14 days must have been passed since the second/final vaccination at least).
  2. Certificate of full vaccine protection. A digital certificate of full vaccine protection must be submitted to the office manager of the Chair for Marketing & Media, Mrs. Geringhoff, 5 days before the start of the course at the latest. Please note that applicants without a certificate of full vaccine protection cannot partake physically and that a negative COVID test does not qualify for personal attendance!

As of today, wearing masks in class might not be mandatory and distancing rules might not apply in class, since all participants have full vaccine protection. Of course, these matters are subject to change depending on the pandemic situation in September, as we cannot fully rule out the course’s postponement at short notice. We are in close communication with Prof. Houston and are constantly evaluating the situation. If you are interested in the course, please register provisionally and we will inform you about any changes.

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements can still register for digital attendance of the course via Zoom. If an applicant registers for physical attendance but has not submitted a valid certificate of full vaccine protection 5 days prior to the course, s/he will automatically be re-assigned to digital attendant status. In the digital format, participation might be limited in some parts of the course (especially group work).


The course is given by Prof. Dr. Mark Houston.

The course takes place at the MCM, room 006 (1st floor).

Applications for this course are possible for all doctoral students of the faculty of business and economics by sending an email to Tanja Geringhoff ( until 16th August.

For didactic reasons, the number of participants is limited. The decision on participation of an applicant will based on the first-come, first-served principle. The application period starts on 19.07.2021.


Information for all PhD students: The course is handled as an A-certificate / research methods for the PhD program.


Many important research questions are best answered with survey data. The goal of this course is to help prepare doctoral students in business and economics to conduct survey-based research that is publishable in the leading research journals. Students will acquire an understanding and practical knowledge of the process that is needed to design and execute scientific survey-based research. We will pay particular attention to issues that impact the integrity of survey research, such as construct definition and validity, correctly specifying a scale as formative or reflective, avoiding common source bias, assessing non-response bias, etc. This course is concerned with the total research process, and our focus on survey research will be embedded in discussions that range from philosophy of science and the generation of research ideas through the publication of the research manuscript.

Although this course will employ many examples from the field of marketing, it is designed in a way that will benefit doctoral students with an interest in conducting behavioral and organizational research in a wide variety of contexts. Its focus is on the research process. The class discussions will allow students to create links between the material and the topics in which they are most interested, and students will have the opportunity to apply ideas from the course to a substantive issue of their own choosing. No significant background in marketing theory and/or practice is assumed.

The goals of this course will be pursued through:

1)    Reading, synthesizing and discussing articles and book chapters on survey research techniques and topics from a variety of behavioral disciplines;

2)    Completing various assignments that give students the chance to apply and practice the principles being reviewed;

3)    Critiquing published empirical research studies; and

4)    Designing a scale development study, including construct conceptual development, multi-item scale development and testing, hypothesis development, and methodological planning. On the last day of the course, teams of students will make a short presentation of their work.




  • Paul-Vincent Mayr (accompanying)