Seminar | The Digital Consumer (SoSe 2021)

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Contact person: David Jütte, M.Sc.

The course format will be digital.


Preliminary Dates:

Kick-Off:            25.08.2021 (10:15- 13:15)

Presentations:    22.10.2021


The course is part of the module ”Seminar Marketing I/II”.

Course grade: written seminar work (70%) | Presentation (30%)

Please register at the examination office for the early examination period.

Credit points: 12 ECTS (BWL PO 2010)

Applications for the seminar are to be made via the general MCM application process for seminars.

During the course, please communicate and stay updated via the course page on Learnweb. Announcements, lecture slides and any additional material will be published there.


The seminar covers current challenges of consumptions ongoing digitalization. It therefore sheds light on online consumer behavior and the corresponding psychological processes. In online environments customers are able to use communities to discuss product or services related topics. In order to control that process, companies have the opportunity to establish their own firm-sponsored online community. However, investigations about consumer behavior in these communities are still rare.

The seminar will provide insights into current academic research in the relevant areas and prepare you for the new business of understanding and managing firm-sponsored online communities.In particular, the seminar focuses on consumer behavior in online communities. Specific topics include the evolution of firm-sponsored communities over time, the motivation of experts taking part in these communities and the perception and the behavior of community members to certain characteristics of online communities.


  • Dr. David Jütte (accompanying)