Seminar | KnowIT! (SS 2020)

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Monday 16:00- 17:00 single date 20.04.2020  
Thursday 10:00- 16:00 single date 25.06.2020  


Syllabus for this seminar: see Learnweb

Contact person: Dr. Sonja Gensler

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Every year, hundreds of marketing-related studies are published in academic journals covering a wide range of topics. In this seminar, you have the opportunity to dive deeper in one topic that you are interested in and you want to know more about.

You select the topic, write a literature review about that topic, and present your insights addressing the following questions:

a) What do we already know from previous research?

b) What gaps exist in the literature?

c) What are the key learnings for managers?

d) What will be the impact of increasing digitalization on the validity of the results?


Learning objectives

Main objective of this seminar is to improve your analytical skills (i.e., ability to collect and analyze information) and academic writing skills. After participating in this seminar, you are able to effectively summarize and categorize literature related to a specific marketing topic and to translate academic findings into managerial implications. Moreover, you train your communication and presentation skills.


  • apl. Professor Dr. Sonja Gensler (responsible)