Media*lab (SS 2020)

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As part of the research cooperation between the Chair for Marketing & Media and the Weltkino Filmverleih, this workshop brings together WWU students, the movie marketers from Weltkino, and the producers from the movie production company Neue Bioskop to identify new story line potentials for a German TV series by monitoring and analysing its online buzz.

In the workshop, which is hosted by Prof. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and the movie’s producers, Dietmar Güntsche and Ulrike Schölles, the students have the opportunity to transfer their theoretical knowledge from their studies directly into practice. Moreover, students will gain firsthand insights into film production as the workshop also includes a master class on movie production as well.

The course is limited to 10 participants (experience shows, the course might be quickly booked). If you want to partake in the workshop please apply by sending a mail to Please attach your CV and TOR and briefly explain your motivation for attending the workshop.

The workshop consists of three dates that will take place digitally (via Zoom) between end of September and end of October 2020. The exact dates will be announced on this website.


  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau (responsible)
  • Paul-Vincent Mayr (accompanying)