Data Science (Specific Topics in Marketing) (SS 2019)

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Tuesday 12:00- 14:00 single date 28.05.2019  


The kick-off meeting at the Chair for Value-Based Marketing (IWM) will be approximately around the 16th of April. All further dates will be announced soon.


This module is offered in cooperation with TechLabs ( In this module, students work in groups on selected marketing topics and use statistical methods. The specific topics covered in the course vary and address current business challenges of the project partners. In addition to the applying statistical methods in a competent manner, the development of solutions for specific data-driven marketing challenges is the main focus.


You acquire knowledge in one or more programming languages (R, Python). You will also gain knowledge of advanced statistical methods and data management. Yet, the focus of the course is on solving marketing challenges.


This specific topics course is provided in cooperation TechLabs. Students that want to participate need to successfully apply at TechLabs before the course starts (


This class is supported by DataCamp, the most intuitive learning platform for data science. Learn R, Python and SQL the way you learn best through a combination of short expert videos and hands-on-the-keyboard exercises. Take over 100+ courses by expert instructors on topics such as importing data, data visualization or machine learning and learn faster through immediate and personalised feedback on every exercise.



  • Professor Dr. Sonja Gensler (responsible)
  • Lisa Richter (accompanying)