Service Management (Specific Topics of Marketing) (SS 2019)

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Tuesday 09:00- 13:00 single date 21.05.2019  
Wednesday 09:00- 13:00 single date 22.05.2019  
Thursday 09:00- 13:00 single date 23.05.2019  
Friday 09:00- 13:00 single date 24.05.2019  
Saturday 09:00- 13:00 single date 25.05.2019  
Wednesday 09:00- 13:00 single date 29.05.2019  



The course is given by Dr. Dwayne D. Gremler.

Contact person: Alegra Kaczinski, M.A.

The course takes place at the MCM, room 006 (1st floor).

This course is part of the module ”Advanced Marketing on Specific Topics: Selected Topics in Marketing”.

Course grade: Creation of a service blueprint (group work) (50%) | Active participation in course and reflection (individually) (10%) | Creation of a service guarantee (individually) (40%)
Please register at the examination office for the early examination period (AFTER your admission to the course).

Credit points: 6 ECTS (BWL PO 2010)

Please note: The course touches topics from the bachelor’s course ”Services Marketing”, but explores different perspectives and extends contents substantially. Therefore previous participation in the bachelor’s course is not a requirement.

Also, this is an accelerated course and is designed so that lectures and a major part of the examination occur within a nine-day time frame. Therefore, it requires a significant commitment of your time and attention during this short period of time (including, perhaps, the weekend in between the course meetings).

If you want to take part in the course, please consider the following application procedure: Starting on Friday, March 29, 2019, at 09.00 a.m., Master students can enroll for the course. The total number of participants is restricted to 20 due to the special structure of the course. No formal application is necessary, the first-come-first-serve rule applies. If you are interested in participating in the course, please write an informal email to Alegra Kaczinski with your full name, your matriculation number, and email adress (incomplete applications will not be considered) before March 29. If you have done that, you will receive an email on the date and time indicated above. Please follow the Doodle link in the email and apply for the course (first-come first-serve!). You will be notified about your admission status and the password for the Learnweb course within 24 hours.

During the course, please communicate and stay updated via the course page on Learnweb. Announcements, lecture slides and any additional material will be published there.

The password for all materials will be announced via email.


The intent of this course is to give students a thorough understanding of the unique marketing opportunities and challenges faced by organizations that sell and deliver services. Throughout six sessions, the course will introduce, discuss, and analyze several topics important to the marketing and management of service businesses.

Various frameworks for understanding service marketing and management will be discussed, such as the service marketing mix and the gaps model of service quality, and will serve as a basis for identifying and diagnosing key issues in service delivery. The focus of the course will be on examining the key concepts, strategies, and decisions in services marketing that can be used to examine such issues. Various tools will be introduced, such as the service quality gaps audit, the service blueprint, and the service guarantee, to enhance student understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges faced by organizations that sell and deliver services. The ultimate goal of the course is to help each student become an effective service manager, leader, and champion.

Topics to be addressed include:

1)       The recapitulation of fundamental services marketing topics, including:

  • differences in marketing goods versus services
  • differences between “service offerings” and “customer service”
    • the seven elements (7 Ps) of the service marketing mix
    • customer expectations and perceptions in service delivery
    • determinants of customer loyalty and retention in service businesses
    • service recovery strategies

2)      The “Gaps Model of Service Quality” as a framework for understanding service delivery

3)      Service blueprints: key concepts and how it can help in designing excellent service delivery


  • Alegra Kaczinski (accompanying)