Information on the coronavirus provided by the MCM


Dear students:

We will continue to answer the most pressing questions that result from how the spread of the coronavirus affects your studies at the MCM.

Please note that only the statements of the following institutions are legally binding and obligatory though:

FAQ of the MCM

  • Dates of seminars, lectures, tutorials offered by the MCM

    Where can I find the current dates of MCM seminars and courses?

    You can find all dates in the course catalogue LSF and on the MCM homepage. All other course specific information can be found on Learnweb.

    All exam dates and locations can be found on the website of the Examination Office. Please contact your course supervisor if you have detailed questions about the implementation in your course. 

    In general, the following periods are valid for the summer semester:

    • Official start of semester: : April 1st, 2022
    • Start of lectures: April 4th, 2022
    • 1st term from April 4 until May 22, 2022
    • 2nd term from May 23 until July 15, 2022
    • End of lectures: July 15, 2022

    How do the courses of the summer semester take place?

    The summer semester 2022 will be conducted in person.  Lecturers may continue to supplement their lessons with digital teaching elements and hybrid teaching forms on didactic considerations. All information on courses and individual dates can be found in your course catalogue.

    The WWU has checked the course rooms with regard to the room air and has made an assessment for each room. In some rooms the number of people in the room has been reduced, in some other rooms fans have been installed. Therefore, please inform yourself in the course catalogue for any relocations of courses.

    Which infection control measures apply?

    • 3G and 2G checks are no longer legally required for participation in in-person courses and examinations.
    • We strongly urge you to continue wearing medical face masks in all university buildings, at your workplace and wherever people congregate together, which includes all courses and examination situations. We firmly believe that face masks play an important role in protecting each other from an infection. At the same time, we wish to show solidarity with those whose health and well-being depends on everyone’s mindful interaction in society.
  • Registration for exams, exam dates, inspection etc.

    Where can I find the current exam dates and registration periods?

    Please check the homepage of the Examination Office regularly – there you will find the current exam dates and registration periods for the semester.

    As of today, we expect the following examination periods:

    Early examination period summer term 2022

    The early examinations will take place from June 7 until June 11, 2022 (if necessary, also on Fridays and Saturdays before: May 21, May 28, June 4, 2022).

    Regular examination period summer term 2022

    The regular examinations will take place from July 18 to August 6, 2022 (if necessary, also on the Saturday before: July 16, 2022).


    Which examination forms and modalities will apply for the current semester?

    • As a rule, all examinations will be administered in person in the summer semester 2022. For all examinations assigned to summer semester 2022, the requirements provided by the regular examination regulations apply accordingly. This also means that the possibility of electronic or online examinations depends – as it did prior to the pandemic – on the respective rules put forth in the individual examination regulations.
    • The facilitated free attempts and withdrawal regulations will be reversed as of the summer semester 2022. The regular examination regulations apply again.
    • For examinations assigned to one of the past four semesters (SS2020 to WS 2021/22), e.g., retakes of the exams administered in WS 2021/22, the exemptions implemented during the coronavirus pandemic remain in effect.
  • Theses at the MCM

    I am expected to pick up the topic of my project/ seminar/bachelor or master thesis within the next weeks. What do I have to consider?

    The MCM building is open during the week from 9am to 6pm and closed on weekends.

    However, we still follow the procedure of the last months:

    • The registration form (“Leitkarte”) with your topic and the name of your supervisor will be sent to you by the respective chair/institute (secretary's office or supervisor) as a PDF document via e-mail on the day of pick up.

    • You must sign the card and return it to the sender within 24 hours via e-mail (please send us a scan or a photo).

    I am currently writing a project/ seminar/ bachelor or master thesis. Is my supervision ensured, and how?

    Your supervision is ensured; it will mainly be provided by telephone, digital platforms or e-mail. Please discuss specific appointments with your supervisor via e-mail.

    For my thesis I need books from the Heribert Meffert Library, is it open?

    The Heribert Meffert Library is open.

    An FFP2 mask must be worn at all times while in the HMB and a minimum distance of 1.5m from other students and staff must be maintained. It is recommended to not enter the building with symptoms of illness.

    To ensure safe spacing, clean workstations, and periodic airing, the number of available spaces will continue to be limited. Please send a short email to the team ( if you would like to make a reservation during the new opening hours.

    Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
    Saturday & Sunday: closed

    Is there a possibility to extend my writing period as a result of the current situation?

    • No, all thesis with pick-up date from 01.02.2021 onwards will have regular submission deadlines. Please check the Examination Office for further information.
    • Supervision is ensured.

    I will hand in my project/ seminar/ bachelor or master thesis within the next weeks. What do I have to do?

    • Students must submit their work in printed format. The date stamp on the envelope is the valid date of submission.
    • Personal submission: Students can hand in their thesis in person at the secretariat or to their supervisor. Students can also use the WWU mailbox (address: Am Schlossplatz 2, 48143 Münster) in case the (small) MCM mailbox (address: Am Stadtgraben 13-15, 48143 Münster) is full. To make it easier for the university´s staff to distribute your thesis internally, please label it with the MCM address in both cases.
    • Postal submission: please use the MCM address (same as before).
    • If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.